Design of electric installations and fire alarm systems

Eldesign Ltd. was incorporated in 2005 and it is successor of Sole Trader “Eldesign – Rumen Radulov”. The company is occupied with design of internal and external electric installations, networks, equipments and fire-signalling devices.

The company has designed more than 650 sites throughout the country and abroad with total built area ranging from 50 square meters to 300 000 square meters of various complexity and function.

Eight engineers are employed in the company on the basis of employment agreements, and two of them have full designer rights. The team has worked together for years and it has great work capacity. The manager and chief engineer is Rumen Radulov.

We are successfully working for projects in cooperation with investors, project managers, architects and planners from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Israel, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon and Macedonia.

While performing the design work we protect Client’s interests and perform our activity in conformity with the regulations, standards and good practices in this field that are effective in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

We have special programme for designers training and development and to this end we maintain close relations with the Bulgarian representatives of leaders in the global electric installations manufacturing industry.

We have state-of-art facilities – laser wide format print machine, machine for drawings folding, smaller printers, scanners and computers. We apply entirely licensed software, including CAD systems, specialized computing programmes etc. We have developed programmes and know-how of our own.

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